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WPA HOMER 2202                 REG. # AAA  20226845                      TAG # R-544                  Birth Date: 04/17/2021         

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       Panda of Conanga 3609                   AAA 15147071

WPA Guinness 1762                      AAA 18995129  

       TC Total 410                                      AAA #14844711  

        JMB Emulota 013                             AAA 16776281

WPA Dawn 1793                           AAA 19151979

       G A R Prime Design                          AAA #+14011547          

# Pathfinder      + Embryo Transplant   

     CED       BW        WW         YW          MILK

      +7         +1.9         +62        +108          +34

                                     45%       45%

     CW       MARB      RE           $B             $C

     +.55       +.75        +.71        +153         +259

      30%        35%       35%        25%          30%                


Actual BW: 76 lbs.

Adj. 205 Day: 850 lbs.

Ind. Ratio: 110

Actual WW: 787 lbs.

Dam's WW Record: 3@109

Weigh Date: 10-24-21

Avg. Daily Gain on Cow: 4.14 lbs.


     R-544 is out of one of our newest pathfinder dams, with a 205 day ratio of 3@109. That's one of the highest first 3 calves ratio's we've had in quite a while. All of us cattle breeders work many many years to improve our animals to the point were we end up with a cow like this. We have to be thankful when one passes our way. R-544 is the second highest gaining bull for 2021 @ 4.14 lbs./day. He shines in so many area's and calving ease to boot! The sire and dam are both easy going animals. The higher price comes from the calves actual growth, along with dam's terrific record.                                                                                      Price $4,750