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Stan Semmler

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Established in 1969, the Semmler family farming operation was situated on the 160 acres representing the original homestead property acquired in the rolling foothills of the north-central Minnesota resort and lake country. Originally milking cows a shift was made in 1988 that added Angus cattle. In 2001 the dairy cows were sold.

Over the past two and a half decades, the Angus operation grew as the ranch grew, utilizing artificial insemination from the beginning to service our best heifers and field-tested cows yielding a herd with the proven ability to gain weight efficiently, produce highly sought carcass configurations, have excellent pedigrees, and cows with a pleasant disposition easily adaptable to surviving the harsh and challenging Minnesota winters.

We have been in transition the past few years cutting back on the number of commercial cows and concentrating more on the registered herd, which consists of 125 registered cows with 45 commercial still remaining. The commercial herd with their larger frames was the ticket to 700 lbs.calves every fall.

 For the first time in 2002 we saw bull calves from the registered herd hit the 700 lb.mark, We could see then that the genetic selections we had made over the years had payed off.The past couple of falls about 40 percent of the bull calves from the registered herd achieved the 700 lbs.goal we had set; those were the bulls we offered for sale.The average birth weigh of 2016 bulls was 81 lbs.

There will be a real nice selection of yearling bulls and heifers for sale starting the latter part of January 2017. A.I.sires represented are: JMB Traction 292, Hoover Elation M123, Hoover Dam, AAR Ten X 7008, Sitz Rainmaker 11127, and herd sires out of TC Tycoon, Koupals B&B Identity, Connealy Shrek 4242, and Ten X.

All bulls and heifers will be genomic tested the end of December and ultrasound data taken in March; bulls will be semen tested the first half of April. All production numbers and E.P.D.s will be posted on this website by the end of January for those interested in buying early. We would like to let everyone know these calves are not "creep fed". They recieve no additional feed while nursing other than salt and mineral!

All I can say is sometimes in life you get lucky. The genetic choices we made in the past have put pounds on the ground today. Everyone is welcome to stop by the farm anytime to view the operation and see how the animals are raised. To see the dams and sires goes a long way in defining the selection.

At White Pine Angus Ranch, we pride ourselves on consistently offering breeding cattle with the finest combination of balanced E.P.D.s and humanely treated animals.

Stan Semmler, owner of WPA Ranch, is a member of the Minnesota Cattlemen's Association and both the Minnesota and American Angus Associations and has been recognized for having registered Angus cows included in the American Angus Association's Pathfinder Report.

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