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WPA CONSENSUS 2201                    REG. # AAA  20226932                  TAG # R-543          Birth Date: 04/12/2021

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       Panda of Conanga 3609               AAA 15147071

WPA Guinness 1762                AAA 18995129

       TC Total 410                                  AAA #14844711   

       Arjons Powertool U124-1404        AAA #17881094 

WPA Sarah Turbo 1976            AAA 19473406

       Pearson Consensus P522            AAA +17479176             

# Pathfinder      + Embryo Transplant  

     CED        BW         WW        YW        MILK

       -3        +4.9         +74        +130         +16

                                     15%       15%

    MARB       RE.        CW          $B           $C

    +.93         +.68        +.68        +180        +280

      20%         40%        15%         5%         15%


Actual BW: 83 lbs.

Adj. 205 Day: 711 lbs.

Ind. Ratio: 92

Actual WW: 702 lbs.

Dam's WW Record: 2@93

Weigh Date: 4-22-22;  1284 lbs.

Avg. Daily Gain on Cow: 3.22 lbs.

Scrotal: 39cm.

     This fellow gave it his best effort but had extremely tuff competition. Average daily gain compared to other herds is quite respectable. Looking at 3.22 ibs/day for a second calf cow will get you a 700 lb. calf, and that ain't half bad. Excellent weaning and yearling epds, then there's still his quality of beef numbers. He may have grown alittle slower than my top bulls but he makes up for it in his overall ability to produce quality beef that grades well. A nice package for the price.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Price $3,600   SOLD  JAC S.