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WPA BUDDY 2188                 REG. # AAA 20226942                  TAG # R-534                        Birth Date: 03/22/2021

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     JET S S X144                               AAA 16715036

RFA Niagara 201G            AAA 19571788

     Sitz Upward 307R                        AAA #14963730

     BAAR USA Lady Jaye 489           AAA +14901682

WPA Ginger of War Party 1097    AAA #17100045

     S P A B V Emulation Ext 5892      AAA 12486295

# Pathfinder         +Embryo Transplant

CED      BW        WW       YW       MILK

  +4      +1.3        +51        +92       +33

 CW      MARB       RE       $B        $C

 +.46      +.49         +.49     +128    +225 

Actual BW: 76 lbs.

Adj. 205 Day: 728 lbs.

Ind Ratio: 94

Actual WW: 732 lbs.

Dam's WW Record: 6@104

Weigh Date: 10-24-21

Avg. Daily Gain on Cow: 3.39 lbs.


   This bulls dam was a remarkable animal. Produced calves for us for 10 years. Angus Association show's she had 6@104. Well for 4 years in a row, this gal had twins, Association doesn't count those years when figuring ratio's. Even with the stress of 2 calves nursing she bred back on time every year! Unfortunatly we weaned her early because of dry conditions and to town she went. Calves did ok with mom but it ain't quite the same. R-534 still had good weight even with a dam struggling at 10 years to produce milk without much grass. In my book thats the sign of a great cow. She will be missed. R-534 is a real mellow fella. 

                                                                    Price $ 3,000