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WPA GUINNESS 1761                           TAG  R-372                          REG. #  AAA 18995156

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               Connealy Dublin 8223                   AAA #16204943

CONNEALY GUINNESS             AAA 17031279

               Panda of Conanga 3609               AAA 15147071

               B C C Bushwacker 41-93              AAA #12048084

WPA DATE WACKER                 AAA  15179785

                WPA SPABV Dateline  180           AAA 13935717

# Pathfinder       +Embryo Transplant

    CED       BW         WW         YW         MILK

     +5        +2.0         +55         +92         +25


MARB         RE        $W           $F            $B

 +.29         +.41     +54.27    +49.61   +124.80


Birth Date  2/27/2017                                                                                 Dam's WW Record   10 @ 102

Actual BW  76 lbs.                                                                                          Weigh Date  3-9-18   1235 lbs.

Adj. WW  788 lbs.                                                                                             ADG on cow was 3.52 lbs. per day

Ind. Ratio: 104                                                                                                   Scrotal    cm. 

    Out of my oldest cow. At 13 years old she's still rationing calves @ 104 and always one of the very first to calve, really can't go wrong with consistency like this. She's bred back and vet said she'll be right on time if all goes well. Sire is a bull from the Connealy brothers program which seems to have really put there mark in history as top breeders in the angus bussiness. Weaned off @ 242 days weighing 853 lbs.

                                                                                                                     Price $3,150   SOLD