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WPA CARRIE 2182                  REG. # AAA 20226966                     TAG # R-530                    Birth Date: 03/17/2021           

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     Panda of Conanga                AAA 15147071

WPA Guinness 1762        AAA 18995129

     TC Total 410                          AAA #14844711

     W P A Gibb 5                         AAA 15179789   

WPA Carrie 1368              AAA 18012925

     WPA Daniel IN-095                AAA 16803087

# Pathfinder       +Embryo Transplant 

CED        BW       WW       YW        Milk  

  +9         +.3        +57      +104        +26

CW        MARB     RE         $B          $C

 +49        +.50      +.43        +134      +228


Actual BW: 67 lbs..

Adj. 205 Day: 715 lbs.

Ind. Ratio: 93 

Actual WW: 753 lbs.

Dam's WW Record: 4@104 

Weigh Date: 10-24-21

Avg. Daily Gain on Cow: 3.41 lbs. 


    Another of the calves that was weaned early due to drought. Had been doing good till milk was taken away. Dam had 2 sets of twins during her life on the farm. Angus Association doesn't count twins when it comes to cow ratios. She had calved 6 years but minus the 2 years of twins her ratio stands at 4@104. So plenty of good genitics and R-530's 205 day of 715 lbs ain't half bad. Calving ease for sure.

                                                                                    Price $ 3,000