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WPA ALLIANCE 2158             REG. # AAA 20226991                       TAG # R-521            Birth Date: 03/02/2021                                                                                       

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     Sitz Emma E417L                        AAA 13945988

WPA Rainmaker 1988               AAA 19610544         

     Pearson Consensus P52Z          AAA+17479176

     Thomas Patricia 9705                 AAA 16615196 

WPA Fortress 2019                   AAA 19610398

     WPA Newt 1066                          AAA 17100069

 # Pathfinder    +Embryo Transplant    

    CED       BW         WW        YW         MILK

     +7        +1.2         +58       +101         +30


   MARB      RE         CW         $B           $C 

   +.85        +.54        +37        +143       +236 

     25%                                      40%


Actual BW: 72 lbs.

Adj. 205 Day: 812 lbs.

Ind. Ratio: 105

Actual WW: 859 lbs.

Dam's WW Record: 1@105

Weigh Date: 2-15-22;  1073 lbs.

Avg. Daily Gain on Cow: 3.32 lbs.


       Out of a Bennett Fortress dam who for her 1st time, really put it out. Sire is out of Sitz Rainmaker 11157 that I've bred with for many years. He passes on his top docility and scrotal to his offspring. R-521 was on his dam for 259 days and still averaged over 3 lbs./day on a 1st calf heifer! And its just not this 1st calf heifer who has did a remarkable job. All of my heifers across the board have done an outstanding job. Many of the offspring will be for sale, weather they are bulls or heifers. Can only keep so many. Years ago when we were expanding the herd we kept most every female. It's alot tuffer now having to sell so many good animals.                                                                                                        

                                                                 PRICE $4,000 SOLD  MARK L.