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WPA CHIEFTON          REG. # AAA *19610695               TAG # - R475

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         Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36          AAA +*16925771

Arjons Rampage 1404-1624       AAA *18474895

          Arjons Powertool U124-1404       AAA #*17881094

          Pearson Tycoon P21Z                 AAA +17493160

WPA Miss Abigale 1659              AAA 18702171

          WPA Abigale 1164                       AAA 17426713         

 #Pathfinder     +Embryo Transplant       *Parents Qualified

Birth date: 3/29/2019

Actual BW: 69 lbs.

Adj. WW: 772 lbs.

Ind. Ratio: 102

 CED       BW        WW        YW          MILK

  +6        +2.0        +66       +115          +30


  MARB     RE.        CW          $F            $B

  +1.06     +.26        +56        +99        +167


Dam's WW Record: 2 @ 102

Weigh Date: 3/23/20   1089 lbs. 

ADG on cow was 3.59 lbs/day  

Scrotal:  cm 


     R-475's dam has become one of our young rising stars. Her 1st calf which was a heifer that weaned off at 687 lbs.@ 219 days and ratio'd 102.Her 2nd calf R-475 came in at 732 lbs.@ 204 days and also ratio'd 102. We all know that sometimes the dam stumbles the second time around, so we are impressed at how well she did. The majority of the Rampage offspring we have had over the years have had a higher frame score. This guy comes with all the benefits of our Rampage herd sire but with a more moderate frame, he's a attractive bull with a nice attitude. R-475 ranks in the top 10% for both marbling and $Beef.His mothers dam has done very well for us. She gave birth to our only Basin Payweight 1682 bull calf that reached 835 lbs. in 210 days. He's R-464 listed on this website.

                                                                                                             Price $3,300  SOLD  GREG H.