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WPA LEWIS 2033               REG. # AAA *19626423                TAG # - R467 

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        JMB Traction 292                        AAA *17262374           CED        BW          WW          YW         MILK

WPA Traction 1618                      AAA 18675875                     +4        +2.8          +64          +115         +28

        WPA Debbie Leads 1407            AAA 16803071 

         Hoover Dam                               AAA #*16124994       Marb.      RE          CW            $F            $B   

WPA Miss Erica 1501                  AAA 18350673                  +.58       +1.06      +59            +101       +166

         WPA P D Gibb                            AAA 15883698        

#Pathfinder        +Embryo Transplant                *Parents Qualified

Birth Date: 3/23/2019  

Actual BW: 75 lbs.

Adj. WW: 735 lbs.

Ind. Ratio:100     

 Twin with R-466                                                     

Dam's WW Record: 3 @ 104 

Weigh Date: 4/29/20  1140 lbs.

ADG on cow was 3.23 lbs/ day 

Scrotal:  38cm   

    Nursed him on a bottle for 9 days before we found a foster mom, real mom didn't want any part of him. Grew well considering. Where this guy shines is in the carcass values. My highest ribeye bull for the year @ +1.06, almost in a class by himself at 3%. Other values are marbling @ 45%, $Beef @ 10% & carcass weight @ 10%. There's only one other bull we're offering in 2020 that has a better combined carcass values. Don't let anybody fool ya, feeder buyers are looking for calves out of bulls like this!    

                                                                                                  Price $3,200 SOLD  JAC  S.