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WPA BUD 2002                 REG. # AAA 19610410                   TAG # - R457

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           Connealy Guinness                    AAA #*17031279

WPA Guinness 1762             AAA 18995129

            WPA Prompter 1156                  AAA #17418761

            S A V Pioneer 7301                   AAA #15688392

WPA Shanna 1281                AAA 17734098

             WPA Gabby 794                       AAA 16232940

 # Pathfinder    + Embryo Transplant     *Parents Qualified


     CED          BW          WW          YW          MILK

     +10           -.4            +46          +85          +37

    MARB         RE.         CW           $F          $B

     +.50         +.31         +36          +69       +111




Birth Date   3/11/2019                                                                                Dam's WW Record: 4 @ 103 

Actual BW  82 lbs.                                                                                        Weigh Date: 3/23/20  1155 lbs. 

Adj. WW  726 lbs.                                                                                        ADG on cow was 3.47 lbs/day

Ind. Ratio 100                                                                                                  Scrotal:  cm 


     Nice offering for those yearling heifers that you may have to breed. He comes from a higher producing cow who we had to cull because of a foot injury. She did her best to keep up with rest of herd but calf did get short changed a bit.Good gain @ 3.47 lbs./day under the circumstance.His sire WPA Giunness is on the cover of the flier we sent out to folks on our mailing list. If you decide to come look at any of our bulls and are interested in looking at Guinness just remind me, he is one awsome looking animal.

                                                                                          PRICE  $2,900  SOLD  JODY S.