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WPA UNANIMOUS 1990           REG. # AAA 19536979            TAG # - R449


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             Vision Unanimous 1418             AAA *16992096

DAKITCH MDK 94X CINCH 32C     AAA 18377630

              Ms Dakitch MDK Zena 94X       AAA #16853799

              WPA Newt 1066                         AAA 17100069

WPA Focus 1417                              AAA 18012914            

              WPA Ginger-Focus 1072           AAA #17100057

#Pathfinder   +Embryo Transplant  *Parent Qualified

Birth Date:    7/04//2018

Actual BW: 71 lbs.

Adj. WW: 792 lbs.

Ind. Ratio: 100    

   CED         BW         WW        YW        MILK

    +1          +3.3         +60       +105        +29

   MARB        RE         CW           $F         $B

    +.71         +.10        +45         +84      +130

Dam's WW Record: 2 @ 97  

Weigh Date: 2-12-2020  1362 lbs. .   

ADG on cow was 3.06 lbs/day

Scrotal:  cm  


     What happened to make R-449 born when he was is explained in lenght in R-448's write up. But what we have here is a late born calf that went through most of the winter on his dam and still gained very well. Weaned mid Febuary weighing 834lbs.@235 days. Neither R-448 or R-449 were fat from silage, they looked very much like calves weaned in the fall, but with much more hair of course. He was born quite small, got that from his sire; but the Angus Association has turned him into a cow bull.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Price $3,200  SOLD   JERRY & DON D.