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WPA TURBO 1260              TAG  R-399                   REG. # AAA 18995125 

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            A A A Ten X 7008 S A                AAA  #15719841

WPA TURBO 1260                                 AAA   17734094

             WPA Bushy Day                        AAA   15883736

             Werner War Party 2417             AAA #+16004857

WPA GINGER OF WAR PARTY 1097   AAA  #17100045

             Green Top Ginger 241               AAA  12906606


Pathfinder    +Embryo Transplant

Birth Date:    4/09/2017

Actual BW:   83 lbs.

Adj. WW:     727  lbs.

Ind. Ratio:    96 

CED       BW       WW       YW       MILK

 +3        +2.3       +55      +101       +33

MARB.     RE         $W           $F           $B

 +.70      +.70      +53.58     +53.94    +148.94

Dam's WW Record: 5 @ 106

Weight Date: 3-9-18   1107 lbs.

ADG: on cow was 3.56 lbs./day

Scrotal:  cm      

    Sire of R-399 is our TEN X  herd sire that has done a terrific job of suppling us with calves that were born small   but ended the fall being some of the largest. He also carried an excellant set of carcass numbers that was passed on to his offspring. Dam is a phenomenal pathfinder thats extra long with an average 205 day weight on 5 calves of 751 lbs.The only Werner War Party cow on the place, looks like I should of used more of him.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Price $2,850