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Stan Semmler

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WPA IDENTITY 1837               TAG R-394                 REG. # AAA  18995122

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           Koupals B&B Identity            AAA #16710463

H A F IDENTITY 1457          AAA 17934475   

           Raven Black Brigette 1129   AAA 16400462   

           WPA Daniel 1151                 AAA 17418924

WPA   MA BELL 1381           AAA 18012929

            WPA Bella 1210                   AAA 17418722   

Pathfinder      + Embryo Transplant

Birth Date:    3/22/2017 

Actual BW:    72  lbs.

Adj. WW:      736   lbs.

Ind. Ratio:    101   

     CED        BW         WW        YW        MILK

      +8          +.8          +57       +100        +27


    MARB       RE.        $W          $F           $B

     +.34       +.41      +58.60    +58.91    +108.26



     Dam's WW Record:  2  @  99

     Weigh Date 3-9-18   1172 lbs.  

     ADG: on cow was 3.37  lbs. per day  

     Scrotal:  cm  


    Nice combination of growth and low birth weight. Sire is a son of the popular Koupals B+B Identity bull, who combined power, performance & eye appeal into a $59,000 selling price to Krebs Ranch of Gordon NE. On R-394s dams side we have SAV Pioneer 7301 of which we have 4 daughters who are about the sweetest looking girls on the planet.  

                                                                                                     Price $2,400   SOLD