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Stan Semmler

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WPA IDENTITY 1796              TAG  R-386                 REG. # AAA 18995113

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             Koupals B&B Identity                  AAA #16710463

H A F IDENTITY 1457            AAA 17934475

             Raven Black Brigitte                    AAA   16400462

             Pearson Consensus P52Z           AAA +17479176 

WPA PROMPTER 1426         AAA 18012865

              WPA Prompter Maker 587           AAA #14257268    


#Pathfinder     +Embryo Transplant

Birth Date:   3/18/2017

Actual BW   77 lbs.

Adj. WW: 739 lbs.      

Ind. Ratio: 102   

    CED        BW        WW        YW         MILK

     +9         +2.1        +54        +96          +22


   MARB       RE.        $W         $F            $B

    +.60        +.23      +52.11  +60.52    +120.22



Dam's WW Record:  2 @ 100

Weigh Date: 3-9-18   1203 lbs.  

ADG: on cow was 3.37  lbs./ day  

Scrotal:  cm                                

    These Identity bulls are some of our thickest, they fill out real nice with lots of muscling.His sire is on the cover of this years sale catalog,we hoped his long,thick body would interest people to take a second look.Dam is a moderate sized Consensus daughter who did a nice job with her second calf. Weaned off @ 216 days weighing 727 lbs. Dams average birth weight on two calves is 75 lbs.

                                                                                                       Price $2,650