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WPA TURBO 1787                   TAG R-384                   REG. # AAA 18997165

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              A A R Ten X 7008 S A               AAA #15719841

WPA TURBO 1260                     AAA 17734094

               WPA Bushy Day                        AAA  15883736

              S S Objective T510 0T26            AAA #13776378

WPA ERICA OF OBJECTIVE 0T26         AAA 16571724  

               WPA Erica                                  AAA 14900532


Pathfinder   + Embro Transplant

Birth Date:   3/14/2017 

Actual BW:    83 lbs.

Adj. WW:    707 lbs.  

Ind. Ratio: 100     

    CED       BW         WW         YW         MILK 

    +11       +1.4         +64        +123         +29


    MARB     RE         $W           $F           $B

     +.87      +.70       +57.38   +45.26    +174.04



Dam's WW Record:  7 @ 100

Weigh Date:  3-9-18   1242 lbs.

ADG: on cow was  3.33 lbs. per day 

Scrotal:  cm                                

    Another bull that could go either way for breeding. One of the most complete bulls were offering in 2018. Low birth weight with terrific growth, ranking 15% for weaning and 5% for yearling, calves will hit the groud running. R-384s sire had the best carcass & $values of any herd sire we ever had. Here we have an example of picking up were the dad left off. His steak numbers are propably the best of any sire we have for sale. Weaned off @ 227 days weighing 756 lbs.

                                                                                                   Price $3,800