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WPA UNANIMOUS 1770                           TAG  R-377                          REG. #  AAA 18995161

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               Vision Unanimous 1418             AAA #16992096

DAKITCH MDK 94X CINCH 32C    AAA 18377630 

               Ms Da Kitch MDK Zena 94X      AAA #16853799

               Pearson Tycoon P21Z               AAA +17493160

WPA LOUCINDA 1567                    AAA 18350710

                WPA Abigale 1164                   AAA  17426713

# Pathfinder       +Embryo Transplant

CED       BW         WW         YW         MILK

 +13        -.6          +42          +86         +30


MARB         RIB.        $W           $F           $B

 +.83          +.31      +48.50     +58.26    +104.14


Birth Date  3/08/2017                                                                                 Dam's WW Record    1 @ 95

Actual BW  70 lbs.                                                                                          Weigh Date  3-9-18   1135 lbs.

Adj. WW  717 lbs.                                                                                             ADG on cow was 3.03 lbs. per day

Ind. Ratio: 95                                                                                                  Scrotal:   

    If your looking for sure-bet calving ease these Dakitch bulls are it, this guys CED is at +13 which is in the top 5% ranking and his BW is at -.5 putting him in the top 15%. Our yearling heifers in 2016 were bred to Dakitch Cinch 32C. After all heifers had calved, the tally for the average birth weight was 69 lbs. Dam did a real nice job with her 1st calf, gaining over 3 lbs./day. Here's a bull with added marbling,top 15%. Another mellow fellow who was getting his back scratched by Dec.

                                                                                                                    Price $2,800