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WPA GUINNESS 1762                     TAG  R-373                             REG. # AAA 18995129

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              Connealy Dublin 8223              AAA #16204943    

CONNEALY GUINNESS              AAA 17031279

              Panda of Conanga 3609          AAA 15147071

              TC Total 410                            AAA #14844711

WPA PROMPTER 1156              AAA 17418761

               WPA Miss Prompter 285        AAA #14257268

# Pathfinder               + Embryo Transplant 

     CED        BW          WW         YW            MILK

      +4         +2.6          +64        +117            +21


    MARB       RE.         $W           $F              $B

     +.76       +.55      +53.52      +91.90      +162.25


Birth Date   03/03/2017                                                           Dam's WW Record:  4 @ 107

Actual BW   80 lbs.                                                                     Weigh Date: 3-9-18   1382 lbs. 

Adj. WW    863 lbs.                                                                       ADG: on cow was  4.00 lbs. per day

Ind. Ratio  114                                                                              Scrotal:  cm 

    Along with R-371 this fellow kept us wondering this past summer just how big and well built an animal could get. Out of a powerful dam who missed pathfinder status by 1 point and is as gentle as they come. Highest ratioing bull calf for 2017 @ 114, also top weight gainer @ 4 lbs./day. Dam herself ratio'd 113 as a weaned calf. There is real growth built into this bull, well above average carcass data and top 15% for ww and top 10% for yw.  Also top 4% for $F and $B for those focused on finishing. Weaned off @ 238 days weighing 953 lbs. He's as attractive as they come and friendly to boot! 

                                                                                                       PRICE $4,750