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WPA TYCOON 1665                 TAG  R-344                 REG. # AAA 18675898

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            TC Erica 6118                            AAA 15417969

PEARSON TYCOON P21Z       AAA +17493160

            Basin Max 602C                         AAA #11951654

            WPA Tiffany 805                        AAA 16232946

WPA VERA 1200                      AAA 17427156

            Connealy Lead On                     AAA #13447282

# Pathfinder        + Embryo Transplant    

Birth Date: 3/20/2016

Actual BW: 87 lbs.

Adj. WW: 744 lbs.

Ind. Ratio: 106

    CED        BW        WW        YW         MILK

      +3        +3.1        +59        +104          +27


   MARB       RE.       $W          $F            $B

   +.69        +.58     +68.28    +52.70     +100.33


Dam's WW record:  3 @ 111

Weigh Date: 4/25/17   1343 lbs.  

ADG: on cow 3.47 lbs. per day  

Scrotal: 40 cm 

                           PRICE $2,800    SOLD

Dam is one of our newest Pathfinders. Super consistent dam that produces attractive offspring. Sired by our Tycoon son who came up lame late summer. He will be missed and equally hard to replace. With his extra frame and higher birth EPD, he will make a great cow bull. One of the higher marbling scores.