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                   3 Non-Registered yearling bulls for sale

                                   Your Choice $2,500

Tag # R-531             Born 03/17/2021               BW: 78 lbs.             Weaned 10/24/2021 @ 617 lb

    These 3 bulls all have the same story. Dam's are registered cows but lost both ear tags and as many of you folks know tatto's in ear aren't always easy to read. All 3 cows are very good producers thats why they are still here.  Now to first calf. He is R-531, sad story here, calf was quite young when dam broke leg and had to be put down. Calf became bottle baby. He is the smaller of the 3 but the friendliest. Up till this calf, dam had 3 calves. Average 205 day on those was 749 lbs. Average daily gain on those 3 was 3.27 lbs./day. Sire is herd bull out of Connealy Guinness. Reg.#18995129     

Weigh Day 4-22-22;  1095 lbs.  Scrotal: 40cm.               SOLD: RICHARD K.

Tag # R-532             Born 03/18/2021              BW: 85 lbs.              Weaned 10/24/2021 @ 716 lbs.

   Every one in the family has a cow of there own, this one belongs to my daughter. Dam has had 6 calves with average 205 day of 764 lbs. Sire is our herd bull Niagara, reg.#19571788. This guy will have his breeding exam rechecked last week of May. Semen quality was good, just didn't make the 70% mature sperm cell count 4-22-22.

Weigh Day  4-22-22;  1199 lbs. Scrotal: 35cm.     SOLD: JAC S.         

Tag # R-533             Born 03/21/2021               BW: 80 lbs.               Weaned 11/16/2021 @ 817 lbs.

   This cow is my wifes, dam has had 7 calves with average 205 day of 773 lbs. Sire is our SS Niagara herd sire reg. #19571788.

Weigh Day  4-22-22;  1298lbs.  Scrotal: 36cm.                       SOLD: GARY T.